June 11, 2012 § Leave a comment

“I know that is tender for many people. I know that divorce cuts people in half and leaves them with broken hearts and shattered lives. I know that some marriages are so bitter, destructive and even violent that they have to end. I know that even if you want to hold the marriage together, sometimes your spouse won’t. I know all this, and it gives me pause writing about these things. I don’t want to pick at half-healed wounds and start them bleeding again.”

This is a problem for me. As a Catholic who has orthodox beliefs concerning sexual ethics, because I’m not on one or another side of the culture war that’s going on and I have beliefs about sexuality that are both orthodox and at the same time, unconventional, I find myself being attacked as if I WERE on one side or another. This is only compounded by actually being gay and having to deal with all the commentary being thrown around about me or my “condition” or what-have-you. My point is that I or something that is very important to me is constantly being involved in a fight about the direction in which our society is headed, yet the source and the solution to the problem are consistently left out so as to spare feelings.

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